Lifetime test  
Lifetime and burn-in test system

The lifetime and burn-in test system is designed to deliver a constant current to laser diodes in order to be able to measure the degradation of the diodes after a long period of operation. This is achieved by setting a constant current through a laser diode and at the same time heating it up in a oven. The nitrogen is used in order to prevent oxidation and damage. The characteristics of the systems

  • Current range 0- 500 mA 
  • Voltage range 0-5 V 
  • Operational temperature 0-150 degrees C 
  • 30 current channels and 10 voltage channels 0- -10 V and max 40 mA 
  • Set ability 16 bit for both current and voltage 
  • Measurement 16 bit resolution of laser current and laser voltage 
  • Separate power supply with separate temperature control 
  • A minimal system consists of 240 devices per rack (30 devices per oven compartment) 
  • National Instruments LabView™ user interface 
  • Internet server for remote control

The system is modular and is available with different parameters in order to meet the specific requirements from other customers. The system has the best price/performance ratio available on the market

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